Atreyu Unveil Two New Songs on Myspace

A full decade since their formation, Orange County, California’s Atreyu are just as subversive, unrelenting and unpredictable as they were when they first started. Congregation Of The Damned, their fifth album, is a testament to the inexhaustible power of heavy music and the unquenchable flame of five musicians determined to build a distinct sonic landscape entirely on their own terms.

Lyrically, Congregation of the Damned pulls no punches from start to finish, out on the 23rd October in Australia and 26th October in New Zealand.

Can’t wait for the album? Jump onto Atreyu’s Myspace to hear two brand new tracks from Congregation of the Damned: Storm To Pass and Stop! Before it’s too late and We’ve Destroyed it All.

Stop! Before It’s Too Late And We’ve Destroyed It All is based on a Joe Rogan comedy sketch in which he sees humans as a plague on the earth. Alex Varkatzas empathizes with Rogan’s plight. Storm the Pass, is simultaneously about Varkatzas’ psychological turmoil and the volatile state of the world on the brink of annihilation.

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