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Image for August Burns Red Capture Hooliganism In Reverse For ‘Fault Line’ Music Video

August Burns Red Capture Hooliganism In Reverse For ‘Fault Line’ Music Video

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 15, 2013

Metalcore darlings August Burns Red have handed down to fans the first video offering from their latest record Rescue & Restore. Fault Line, one of the first tracks to be released off the record has, been the lucky recipient of the high-budget, high-quality clip which studies acts of hooliganism from a different angle – the one where they do it all backwards.

The first thing immediately apparent from the video the fact that ABR put some serious cash into the production of this clip, which is truly testament to the way things are going in metalcore these days. From the moment the track drops, you’re drawn to the slow-motion, backwards carnage that begins to unfold before your eyes. If you play it in reverse, you get to see a gang of kids torch a car.

This is August Burns Red we’re talking about here, so there is clearly some socio-economic commentary playing out here. Mind you, there’s every chance they just wanted the chance to drop a video with some kids playing silly buggers – in HD, of course.

Rescue & Restore is currently out and being flogged just about everywhere. IF you’re not already on the bandwagon, better catch up.

Watch: August Burns Red – Fault Line

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