Aussie Metal Band Reunites So Their Frontman Can Propose To His Windmilling GF

You may not have heard of Thrashed, a groove metal collective from Sydney’s The Shire, but they broke up last year and Australia is a far less awesome place because of it.

Fans of the hellcat fivesome and their demonic Ronald McDonald bass player were over the McMoon on Friday night, to learn that Thrashed had decided to pull a John Farnham and reunite for one last “Surf’s Up… Hail Satan!” at their old stomping ground of Sutherland’s Studio 6.

What fans didn’t know, however, is that the whole thing was just an elaborate ruse so that frontman Tim Davis could pull off the perfect heavy metal marriage proposal.

During the second last song of the band’s joyously loose set inside the chock-a-block venue — a cover of Metallica’s classic Whiplash — Davis paused to invite his GF Jelisa up on stage.

“Two and a half years ago, I met this beautiful woman here at this very club,” he tells the turnt crowd in the footage below. “Since then we’ve had a fuckin’ rollercoaster of a time.

“She’s a bit nervous because I told her she had to come up here and dance,” he continues. “I lied. That’s not what I’m doing.”

Pulling out a ring from behind a Marshall stack, Davis got down on one knee and popped the big question, to which his lady love nodded without hesitation to ecstatic screams, cheers and chants of “Consummate!” from the rapt crowd.

Then, to cap it all off, the band smashed back into a crushing rendition of Whiplash, as the bride-to-be busted out some incredible windmills centre-stage.

Not only does this have to go down as one of the most heavy metal marriage proposals ever, the fact that the Thrashed boys didn’t hesitate to reef themselves out of retirement to help their best m8 propose to the woman of his dreams is nothing short of heartwarming.

And Davis was clearly stoked for the backup, seeings as how marriage proposals in themselves are nerve-racking enough when done in private, let alone in front of hundreds of screaming fans.

“I’ve never had my hands shake so much,” the Thrashed frontman tells Music Feeds. “Usually I get sick doing a show, but with the proposal — which I had nothing planned going in (yes it was off the top of my head) — I was a wreck! But once I got on stage it was natural thanks to the fans’ support.

“[The whole thing was] awesome, in one word. The support bands [Nerdlinger, Kvlts Of Vice, Molly & The Krells], who we’re all friends with, brought their A-game… It was a send-off I wasn’t expecting: the fans gave us everything they had, from moshing to singing with us, I cannot thank them enough for everything they’ve done for us. I’m gonna miss it like crazy, but all good things must come to an end.

“And to the Thrashed band. They came in and smashed it. Not only are they my best friends but four of the best musicians I could have a asked for. It was an absolute honour joining them on stage all these years.”

Watch footage of Tim’s epic marriage proposal during the band’s final ever show in the clip below, alongside a taste of what we’re all going to be missing out on now that Thrashed have hung up their guitars for good, courtesy of their priceless Wiggles-themed video for Vibes.

Watch: Thrashed – ‘Vibes’

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