Aussie Musos Call Out “Scumbag” Blokes For Wearing Blackface

Indigenous Australian musicians Briggs and Thelma Plum are among a string of local acts who have called out two men in Victoria whose elaborate blackface costumes are causing controversy on social media.

Victorian Facebook user Sis Austin, who shared a photo (above) of the men after confronting the person who first uploaded it, says the pair in the photo were dressed for an “Aussie Icon”-themed party.

The post was picked up by Yorta Yorta rapper Briggs, who took to Facebook to say, “Fuck these, dumb, redneck scumbags. Anyone who wants to stick up for this kind of bullshit can swiftly go fuck themselves. Anyone who wants to harass the person who originally called them out can direct all their attention to me.”

While seeing a large amount of support for his post, Briggs also received some, uh, interesting comments, but he shut them down super quickly. Here are just some examples:

briggs blackface facebook screenshot 3

briggs blackface facebook screenshot 2

briggs blackface facebook screenshot 1

When you try to form Racist voltron against the self employed koori.

A photo posted by Briggs (@briggsge) on

Sharing the same photo of the two men on Facebook, Thelma Plum called for the pair to be named and shamed, and called them “disgusting little boys who think it’s okay to paint their white bodies black and mock my people”. Ms Plum later shared screenshots from what appears to be the Facebook accounts of the two men in the photo.

Other Aussie musicians have shared their support for Briggs and Ms Plum as the photo has continued to circulate, including Hilltop Hoods…

…The Funkoars

…and Birdz:

Catch Briggs’ and Thelma Plum’s Facebook posts, below.

UPDATE 01/02.16: More artists have rallied in support of Briggs, who copped a tonne of racist abuse online following his initial post. 

Fuck these, dumb, redneck scumbags. Anyone who wants to stick up for this kind of bullshit can swiftly go fuck…

Posted by Briggs on Saturday, 30 January 2016

Does anyone know who these two fucking GRONKS from Ballarat are? Pls tag them if so. Disgusting little boys who think it…

Posted by Thelma Plum on Saturday, 30 January 2016

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