Aussie Women Rap Against ‘Tampon Tax’ In Brilliant Snoop Dogg Parody

Aussie women are still paying the 10% Goods And Services Tax (GST) on tampons and sanitary pads because the government deems them “non-essential” products. With that ridiculous fact in mind, a group of ladies have shared their thoughts on the ‘tampon tax’ in rap form, via the stylings of Snoop Dogg’s Drop It Like It’s Hot.

As Mashable Australia reports, Sydneysider Mia Lethbridge and her posse have crafted an ingenious rap and music video in protest of the ‘tampon tax’, and they’ve called the song Drop It ‘Cause It’s Rot.

The track, which can be streamed in full below, sees Ms Lethbridge and her crew — which includes Tony Abbott’s sister, Christine Forster — replacing Snoop Dogg’s lyrics with possibly the greatest tampon rhymes in the history of music, including the line:

“And if Abbott gives you attitude, GST is shot. GST is shot. GST is shot. I B-L-E-E-D just cause I was born as me, so I pay the GST cause menstruation ain’t for free.”

The Drop It ‘Cause It’s Rot music video also features actual tampons, spray-painted stencils of tampons and even a tampon suit, cause why not?

Speaking with Mashable Australia, Lethbridge has said she thinks Australia’s attitude towards periods is outdated. “I feel like the tax is reflective of this attitude,” she said.

“We are supposed to be a progressive country, yet here we are taxing menstruating Australians!”

Catch the brilliant Drop It ‘Cause It’s Rot video, below.

Watch: Drop It ‘Cause It’s Rot – Dropping the Tampon Tax

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