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Australia Post Responds To Backlash Over Alleged AC/DC Stamp Error

Australia Post has responded to the backlash it has faced since releasing a pack of AC/DC-themed stamps which featured some American editions of the band’s album covers.

The $23 ‘AC/DC Stamp Pack’, released in honour of the band’s 45th anniversary, features 20 stamps with images of “the band’s most successful albums”, Australia Post said on its website.

However, AC/DC fans were quick to point out that the stamp pack features some US versions of the album covers, instead of the Australian versions.

The original American High Voltage and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap covers are featured, as well as Acca Dacca’s ’74 Jailbreak EP, which was never released in Australia.

“I think they should be called un-Australian Post… this is absolutely disgraceful,” said Triple M‘s Wil Anderson in response to the apparent mix-up.

In a statement to Music Feeds, an Australia Post spokesperson said the stamp collection actually “reflects the biggest selling AC/DC albums worldwide”, which is why those covers make an appearance.

“We’re thrilled to showcase this terrific achievement with AC/DC,” they said.

Wil Anderson had joked that he would “blame this squarely at the feet of Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of this country,” before referencing the time Mr Turnbull couldn’t name any AC/DC songs when he was asked to name his favourite during a radio interview.

“No wonder Australia Post can’t put AC/DC albums correctly on, when the man in charge of our country knows so little about AC/DC and Australian music,” he said.

Last year, The Herald Sun also caused controversy after incorrectly calling AC/DC’s late guitarist Malcolm Young a bass player, and Acca Dacca fans never forget.

View the stamps included in Australia Post’s ‘AC/DC Stamp Pack’ below.

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