Australian Music Industry Mourns Doc Neeson

Tributes have begun pouring in for Angels frontman Doc Neeson, whose death at the age of 67 was announced today. High-ranking industry figures like Michael Gudinski and Michael Chugg, as well as numerous local artists have paid tribute to Neeson and offered condolences to his family.

“Doc Neeson was one of the nicest people I have ever met and spent time with and an inspiration to everyone who wanted to be part of Australian music,” Chugg told The Music. “With the Angels he continued the list of great bands from Adelaide which started in the ’60s and continues today.”

Meanwhile, Mushroom Group Founder Gudinski told the site, “He was always a gentleman, very intelligent and well spoken and yet on stage he was one of Australia’s greatest frontman of all time and brought a uniqueness to one of Australia’s best rock bands. The Angels could have been enormous internationally, and the great things is their songs are unique and they stand up today.”

Brothers Rick and John Brewster, who co-founded the Moonshine Jug and String Band, which later became The Angels, paid tribute to Neeson on the Angels Facebook page. “Doc stood out as one of a kind, a totally unique performer. His feverish stage presence was unsurpassed yet beneath the public persona was a gentle soul. He leaves behind a wealth of shared memories,” wrote Rick.

“Doc became one of the great frontmen of all time, a dynamic, demonic, artistic and imposing performer who would give it his all night after night, totally spent at the end of each show,” added John Brewster. “There was a deep, sensitive and gentle side to Doc. In this sad time of his passing I’ll remember him for that and the good times we had together, now and forever more.”

Among the artists and industry figures to pay tribute to the late frontman are Jimmy Barnes, Peter Garrett, The Living End‘s Chris Cheney, the Hilltop Hoods, AJ Maddah, Richard Wilkins, The Basics, Baby Animals, and Ross Wilson. Readers can view some of the many tributes below.

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