Avril Lavigne Really Wants You To Stop Making Fun Of Nickelback

Avril Lavigne, the former wife of Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, has leapt to defend the band after a new poll found that people dislike US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump even more than they dislike Nickelback (which they still hate, like, a lot).

Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Lavigne took aim at the media’s coverage of the poll results, which tended to poke fun at both Trump and the Canadian rock band. Posting online, Lavigne told everybody to “grow up” and “spread love” instead of hate. Here’s how she showed how much love she still clearly has for the band:

Lavigne and Kroeger married in July 2013, and announced their split in September 2015. That said, Lavigne clearly still loves Nickelback, and wants everyone to think happy thoughts whenever they hear their music.

While Lavigne has defended Nickelback by quoting their sales numbers and boasting about their live show, punters on Twitter continue to poke fun at both the band and at Trump, often simultaneously. Catch a number of our favourite Nickelback vs Trump tweets in the gallery below.

As for Trump, the poll which found him to be more disliked than Nickelback (carried out by Public Policy Polling) also suggests that he’s is looked upon less favourably than lice, root canals and hipsters. Sorry Donald.

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Gallery: Twitter’s Thoughts On Nickelback & Donald Trump

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