Photo: Steph Wilson

Banks Shares New Single ‘Look What You’re Doing To Me’ From New LP ‘III’

We won’t be waiting long for a new Banks album to drop, with her new studio record III being officially unveiled next month (July 12th). Not too long ago, the American singer made her return with the glitchy and seductive single ‘Gimme’, immediately stirring hype for the full follow-up to 2016’s The Altar.

This week, we’ve gotten another taste of what III is sounding like, with Banks sharing another track from it in ‘Look What You’re Doing To Me’. The Francis and the Lights-featured single is similar to ‘Gimme’, with it’s vocal manipulation and metallic effects, though there is more warmth to this offering.

Check it out below.

“It documents a major growth spurt.” Banks has said of III. “Of self-acceptance, letting go, forgiveness, and deep love. It has been painful to realise that life is not black and white. Romaticism leads to fierce reality checks, which leads to wisdom, which leads to deeper empathy which leads to greater love.”

Colour us keen.

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