The Banter In The Comments Section On Shannon Noll’s Facie Is Off Its Fkn Chops

Just in case you guys weren’t aware, Shannon Noll‘s Facebook page is a living, breathing work of bloody art.

Since that fateful day he was robbed of the Australian Idol crown by that frizzy haired turd Guy Sebastian, the Condobolin sheep-wrangler has become a social media lord, embracing his status as a working class hero and bonafide human meme with such zest and proficiency as to cement himself a place in Aussie culture, and our hearts, forever.

Classic Nollsie.

But the soul patch warrior’s surging cult status has been spurred to even greater heights of late by a legion of loose units who seem to be flooding his social media posts on the reg.

Specifically, the comments section of his Facie photos have hit critical dankness levels, thanks to these so-called “Nollsie troll” or “trollsies”, who keep making thematically appropriate sexual innuendos and accusing Nollsie of borrowing their goods and requesting that he return them in the most Aussie way possible.

Apparently trolling Nollsie is right up there with punching darts in the work carpark and smashing schooies at the bowlo as The Great Aussie Passtime, and it’s a truly thing of grouse beauty.

“I’ve known Shannon now for well over a decade and it’s not trolling,” arch nemesis G-Seb recently explained to the folks on Ten’s The Project who seemed genuinely perplexed by the whole phenomenon. “He legitimately borrows a little of stuff. And also, Shan, while we’re at it, my missus is on my back about the Thermomix.”

So strap yourself in and prepare for some turbulent LOLs as you cop a squiz at some of the off-chops banter currently unfolding on Shannon Noll’s Facie.

It. Is. Gold.

Gallery: The Banter On Shannon Noll’s Facebook Page Is Getting Danker By The Day

Screenshots via Reddit / ergonelsa

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