Ben Folds Five Stream ‘Ben Folds Five Live’ In Full

Not two weeks ago, we at Music Feeds were talking about the recently announced live album debut from Ben Folds Five, now it seems things have gone one step further. Hooking up with The Wall Street Journal, Ben Folds Five have put their entire live album, Ben Folds Five Live, online to stream.

As you should know by now, the album was recorded throughout the trio’s recent run of live shows in support of their retrospective tour, and of course their new album The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind. As you will notice, the live release contains just about every track from the band you would want to hear, including fan favourites Song For The Dumped and Erase Me.

The album is expected to drop Down Under Friday, 7th June, a few days after the US get it but it’s all good – we can all listen to it right now.

There’s no time to slow down for the recently reunited outfit who are loading up the van once more to hit the highways.

LISTEN: Ben Folds Five – Ben Folds Five Live

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