Ben & Liam Respond After “Copping It” From Triple J Listeners

UPDATE: Triple J’s Ben & Liam Make Emotional On-Air Speech About Their Mental Health

ORIGINAL STORY: Taking over from Matt Okine and Alex Dyson as triple j ‘Breakfast’ hosts was never going to be easy, and despite taking some criticism from listeners since starting their new gig late last year, new(ish) breakkie boys Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton are staying optimistic.

Speaking with Music Feeds, the South Australian duo admit they didn’t expect to win over triple j‘s audience straight away, adding that one of the hardest things has been winning over the station’s longtime listeners.

“People have such a cultural thing with triple j — they’ve been listening for years,” Liam says.

“When someone says, ‘I’ve been listening for 35 years and you’re by far the shittest presenters,’ [but then, their] age is already out of the demographic by nearly 10 years. So you can’t really buy into that stuff too much.

“You learn to put things in perspective. I mean, everyone cops it a bit. When we first started at Fresh in Adelaide we copped a bit, but because the audience was so small we were able to win over the people and the people who want to listen can do so.”

Speaking about copping criticism from listeners online and on the triple j text line, Ben says, “It was to be expected. We started knowing it was going to be like that.

“I think you’ve got to earn it, you can’t just have it given to you. I’d have been worried if we did just win everyone over in the first day. I like the fact that we’ve got to prove to everyone that we can do it.”

Despite any criticism they’ve copped, Ben and Liam are staying positive, buoyed by the 1000-strong audience of triple j fans who turned up for the station’s annual Good Az Friday live show last week and by the solid support team around them.

“You listen to the people around you at the station, who know more about radio than the average Joe Blow on a bobcat in wherever, who’s tearing into every presenter he can,” Ben says.

Ben and Liam are currently preparing for triple j‘s 2017 One Night Stand in Mount Isa later this month. Stay tuned to Music Feeds for our full interview with the boys, coming soon.

UPDATE: Read Music Feedsfull interview with Ben & Liam right here.

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