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Beyoncé, Like Bowie, Once Rejected An “Awful” Coldplay Song

Poor old Coldplay. After having their headline slot during yesterday’s Super Bowl halftime spectacular thoroughly outshined by Beyoncé, frontman Chris Martin has revealed that it wasn’t the first time that his music has failed to measure up to Queen Bey’s high standards.

Don’t get us wrong, the pair have been good mates for a long time. They used to double-date back when Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow were still together, and B even made a killer cameo on Coldplay’s latest single Hymn For The Weekend.

But, it seems, that wasn’t the first time that Martin had approached Bey to duet on a song with him.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the British singer-songwriter has revealed that Beyoncé once shot down an opportunity to collaborate with him because – well – the song he brought her kinda sucked.

After showing her a tune called Hook Up, Martin says Beyoncé “In the sweetest possible way, she told me, ‘I really like you — but this is awful.'”

Which means that Queen Bey had something in common with the late, great David Bowie, whom Coldplay also recently revealed knocked back an opportunity to work with them because the song they brought him was also a bit shit.

“One time I sent him a song to ask him to sing on it. He called me and said, ‘It’s not one of your best’,” Matin said back in 2014.

While rejection seems to be becoming a bit of a trend for the British soft rockers, at least they’re up-front about it.

Plus, it doesn’t seem to be doing them any harm. According to NME, their new album A Head Full Of Dreams looks set to top the Official Albums Chart this week.

And even better, Chris Martin got to perform with Beyoncé at the Super Bowl.


Even though some people are calling him this year’s Left Shark…

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