Big Boi To Possibly Collaborate With Kate Bush

Pitchfork have reported that Outkast member Big Boi may be mixing up some music magic with sweet songstress Kate Bush. Big Boi, real name Antwan Patton, has long been a huge fan of Bush, as well-documented by Spin, and now after a couple of recent Twitter posts (embedded below) it seems that the able rapper’s lifelong dream of working together might come true.

Back in 2010 Big Boi told Pitchfork TV that he has been a fan of Kate Bush since childhood and has been trying to work with the solo artist for some time.

“I’ve been trying to get with Kate Bush for maybe five years now. She’s one of my all time favorite artists. She’s number one, Bob Marley’s number two to me. I grew up on it, and the complexity of the music itself drew me to her. I was introduced to the music by my uncle Russell, and I used to ride my bike to middle school and listen to it, so I’m a Kate Bush fan, big time. So I’ve been reaching out trying to get with her for a minute, man, but she’s somewhere out in the Loch Ness Monster’s forest in London, and I’m gonna go on some kind of journey to try and find her.”

Big Boi also recently made a surprise appearance at a Little Dragon gig in Austin, Texas to show off their new collaboration Mamma Told Me, which is set to appear on Big Boi’s next solo record Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, due for release November 13.

Watch: Big Boi with Little DragonMama Told Me

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