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Big Scary Share Thread Of Aussie Musos Who Have Lost Shows, Link To Their Merch

Big Scary didn’t have any shows in the immediate pipeline, so they haven’t lost any income from tour and festival cancellations due to coronavirus concerns and the subsequent restrictions on large gatherings.

However, many, many other artists around the country (and the world) have taken a huge financial hit as a result of the pandemic, so the band’s Joanna Syme has put together a list of Aussie musos who’ve lost shows and linked to their merch, offering fans a chance to support them in these uncertain times.

As reported yesterday, triple j have announced an extra-special edition of Ausmusic T-Shirt Day for Friday, 17th September – so if you’re in the financial position to send some cash your favourite band’s way, there’s never been a better time to pick yourself up something nice.

Though obviously non-exhaustive, the list from Big Scary contains a slew of Aussie acts who’ve had their shows/tours cancelled, from Thelma Plum to Angie McMahon, Cub Sport to Kira Puru, Hockey Dad to Methyl Ethel, Bec Sandridge to Gretta Ray – who was poised to support Big Scary’s own Ton Iansek on his #1 Dads tour in June.

Courtney Barnett also shared the thread, pointing to merch links for Cable Tibes and Hachiku, both of whom have also had to cancel planned tours.

Check out the full thread over on Twitter here – and PS, given Iansek has now had to cancel that #1 Dads tour, why not head over to his Bandcamp page and pick up latest album Golden Repair? It rips.

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