Billie Eilish Has Now Done The Exact Same Interview With ‘Vanity Fair’ Four Years In A Row

Fans of Billie Eilish will know that, for the past three years, the superstar has done the same interview for Vanity Fair on exactly the same day. Now, the publication have released the fourth instalment of the much-loved series.

Filmed last month, and racking up almost 5 million views in a matter of hours at the time of writing, Eilish’s 2020 interview mainly speaks about how she was completely blindsided by the pandemic and all the changes it would bring to her life.

In response to questions like “What’s a positive thing in the news right now?” Eilish spoke about how Trump might lose the presidential election – don’t we have good news for past Billie Eilish?

She also revealed that she now has a tattoo, she still doesn’t have a Lamborghini because “there’s way more people who need that money” and she now has a new puppy, Shark.

“I’m doing this shit til I’m 90, so get ready for it,” she says at the beginning of the interview, which means we have at least 72 more iterations of this series to go.

But for now, watch the 2020 edition below.

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