Billy Corgan Lays The Smack Down In Bizarre Furniture Commercial

In 2011 Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan became the creative director of a Chicago-based professional wrestling company named Resistance Pro, and if you know anything about the Pro Wrestling game then you know that sports entertainment is all about promotion.

Last year Corgan talked of plans to begin a reality-tv series based on Resistance Pro to give an insight into what it takes to make it in the pro wrestling business. Despite the accolades for his musical successes over the last 20-odd years, it may be Corgan’s latest promotional gimmick that will see the multifaceted musician forever be remembered as a creative genius.

Fans of pro wrestling well know the excitement a simple folding chair can bring, at least before WWE went PG. It’s with that in mind that Corgan asked to team up with furniture company Walter E. Smithe Furniture to help promote his wresting brand via a furniture commercial.

The plot breaks down like this – Corgan and one of the Smithe brothers are playing a friendly game of musical chairs in a wrestling ring, as we all have at some point. However, when Corgan bests the good brother Smithe, things turn nasty. All hell breaks loose as Billy calls in members of his Resistance Pro roster, and eventually one muscle-bound goon picks up a chair with bad intentions on his mind. However, before he strikes, Corgan yells out, “Wait! That’s a Walter E. Smithe chair.”

Genius! Musician, pro wrestling magnate, furniture salesman – is there anything Billy can’t do? Besides hold a band together, that is…

Watch: Billy Corgan and Walter E. Smithe Wrestling

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