Billy Talent Announce New Single + Album Details

Billy Talent – now that’s a name I’m sure many of us haven’t heard in a while. Having waited three years between albums, the band has confirmed via YouzTube that their up-and-coming 5th album, and the follow-up to 2009’s Billy Talent III, will be released this year. The first single, Viking Death March, will drop later this week (Friday 25th).

This may induce some Deja Vu as last year a similar story was released from the Billy Talent camp, though according to frontman Ben Kowalewicz, life’s unpredictability has hindered the project, and finishing touches are finally being made to the material. Despite what you might think, we have been assured that the album will not be called ‘Billy Talent IV’

Also in the YouTube announcement, the band has addressed drummer Aaron Solowoniuk’s open heart surgery, which by all accounts seems to have been a success. Billy Talents German tour dates were already public knowledge, though they have since leaked to fans that there will be tour dates all over the world in the near future.

Take a peek at the Video Announcement below:

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