Billy Thorpe Hologram Possibility for ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’ Tour

The Music Network have reported that organisers of It’s A Long Way to the Top, an ongoing throwback tour series that celebrates Australian musicians of yesteryear, is looking to pay homage to the late Billy Thorpe via hologram.

Reportedly there’s been talk for the last few weeks of the possibility of employing the currently popular technology as a way to serve tribute to Thorpe, the man behind the concept of taking the ABC doco series It’s A Long Way to the Top and turning it into a national tour. With Thorpe passing away in 2007, it now falls upon the tour’s director, Ted Robinson, to honour his fallen friend each year.

“Having to create the ‘moment’ in the show now for him is a bittersweet experience but I’m honoured to undertake it. Knowing the audience miss him as much as all the participants within the show, we had to get as close to having him ‘in the room’ as possible. The technology available now is remarkable to achieve this and the Musion (hologram) system is very exciting to work with. To my knowledge this is the first time anyone has undertaken this sort of exercise with a music icon of Billy’s stature in Australia,” Robinson said.

Hologram or not, Thorpe’s music, which includes classics such as Most People I Know Think That I’m Crazy, will be performed throughout the tour by Cold Chisel guitarist Ian Moss.

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