Bizzare Matching: Lupe Fiasco Joins Guy Sebastian On New Song

Sometimes in music there are incomparable pairings that result in classic records that forever change the complexion of the musical landscape for the better, such as Mos Def and Talib Kweli forming Black Star. Then there are collaborations that leave you scratching your head in wonderment as to how they even came into being.

Former Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian has somehow joined forces with 1st & 15th’s Lupe Fiasco for his latest song, titled Battle Scars . When speaking with Nova about the new single, Sebastian said the title had nothing to do with his alleged recent encounter with a would-be intruder and came about while Lupe was in Australia for Supafest.

“You usually go to them and they’re either too busy or whatever and you end up with your third or fourth or fifth option,” Sebastian said.

“But Lupe heard the song and was right into it (and he) nailed it.”

No word from Lupe’s side of things as to why he decided to feature on Sebastian’s track, but he did retweet the news of the record’s release (as seen below).

If the player below doesn’t work and you want to hear the track and have your say – you can check out Guy Sebastian’s Battle Scars featuring Lupe Fiasco by clicking here.

Listen: Guy Sebastian – Battle Scars – Featuring Lupe Fiasco

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