Björk Cancels Kickstarter Campaign Due To Lack Of Donations

Björk has been forced to abandon her Kickstarter campaign due to a lack of donations. As reported by 405, Björk started the campaign to make her app album Biophilia compatible on Windows 8, Android and Mac Desktop.

The Icelandic songstress aimed to raised £375,000, writing that it was “unbelievably complicated to reprogram Biophilia” and that it would take “8 programmers 5 months” to make the album usable on Android.

However, the response to Björk’s campaign fell well short of the sizeable target. Only £15,370 had been donated since Björk launched the Kickstarter fundraiser on 28th January. The campaign was only 2 weeks into its 1-month deadline but it woud seem the Biophilia team decided the push was a lost cause.

Björk wrote it was her and her team’s intention “to adapt em>Biophilia’s musicology angle” for educational purposes.

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