Black Sabbath Cancel OzzFest Japan Appearance

Ozzy Osbourne’s recently reformed legendary metal band Black Sabbath have today announced the cancellation of their upcoming OzzFest Japan appearance, dashing the hopes of Aussie fans who were holding out for a possible accompanying visit down under.

The iconic heavy metal veterans who reunited in 2011 and released a new album two years ago, were set to play at the Sharon Osbourne helmed festival in Japan in November, but will now be replaced by a solo show from Ozzy. No reason for the pull out has been specified.

Ozzy himself also recently cancelled his performance at the Mexican leg of OzzFest next month, with equally undisclosed surgery putting him out of action for over a month.

We’re not sure what this latest news spells for the supposed final Black Sabbath album that was said to be recorded this year, nor the world tour (that we were desperately hoping would include little ol’ us).

If anyone can pull a surprise out of a (black) hat though, it’s the Lords of Darkness. Light the darkest candle you own, sacrifice the nearest animal (don’t) and join us in summoning Black Sabbath’s will to tour, back from the underworld.

Gallery: Black Sabbath – Allphones Arena, Sydney 27/04/2013 – Photographed By Peter Coates

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