Black Sabbath Potentially Announcing Australian Tour Dates Tonight

Following up from the recent story regarding Sharon Osborne’s remarks that Black Sabbath will be returning to Australia in the new year comes some even harder evidence.

Touring powerhouse Live Nation have posted a bit of an enigmatic video on their Australian franchise’s Facebook page an hour or so ago. Though little information is given other than the hashtag #darknessdecends (and a video which has now been taken down), there is a time period of 10pm Wednesday and the video of chanting masses, ending with links to a whole heap of Black Sabbath goodies online.

Hmm…it almost seems too good to be true, what with it being Halloween and all, but all signs seem to be pointing to a Black Sabbath tour announcement. Keep your eyes peeled come 10pm for the update, whatever it maybe.

Update 31/10/2012: Australian Tour Dates have been announced, find out more details here

Thursday, 25th April

Entertainment Centre, Brisbane

Saturday, 27th April

All Phones Arena, Sydney

Wednesday, 1st May

Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Saturday, 4th May

Perth Arena, Perth

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