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Blarf (Totally Not Eric André) Announces Debut Record On Stones Throw

It’s no Kuwait Grips, but we’ll take it.

A mysterious artist by the name of Blarf has just announced their debut record, Cease & Desist to be out on June 26 via Stones Throw.

Basically everyone surrounding this project has denied André’s involvement, including the label and André himself. When asked by Pitchfork about whether or not he is Blarf, André simply replied “Who the fuck is that?”

Fans started linking the two projects together earlier in the month when André tweeted about a BLARF show in Los Angeles. “People are confusing this guy Blarf on Stones Throw for me!” He said. “Let’s go to his show and see what the fuck is going on here!”

While we’re patiently waiting the album’s release next week, Blarf has released the first official single. Titled “Badass Bullshit Benjamin Buttons Butthole Assassin”, the absolute mouthful of a track is a jarring, four-minute journey through the mind of Blarf. Enter if you dare.

Eric André will be headed to Australia this December as part of his Legalise Everything world tour.

Check out Blarf’s debut single below.



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