Blink-182 To Perform And Live Stream 2003’s ‘Untitled’ Album In Full

After days of rumours and what ifs, Blink-182 have finally revealed their plans to celebrate the 10th birthday of 2003’s ‘Untitled’ album. Rather than a reissue, or an international tour, the band will be playing the record in its entirety at the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday, 7th November and Friday, 8th November.

“But how does that benefit us in Australia?” I hear you ask. Well, US radio station KROQ, have announced an even-more-intimate, non-ticketed performance at their Red Bull Sound Space on Thursday, 7th November, and this one will be live-streamed throughout the interwebs. We can at least experience the banter, the nostalgia wave and the band’s actual drummer from a slightly removed perspective.

To gain access to the KROQ show, you’ll need to put your name down on the official online ballot, buy a ticket to the States then cross all your fingers and toes. Take it or leave it. Perhaps we can take comfort in the fact that a select few Blink fans will be having the experience of their lives.

If you think the absolute head trip of a milestone that is the 10th birthday of this album doesn’t affect you, well, we challenge you to listen to 10 seconds of the below track without entering internally collapsing into a nostalgic seizure. God…take me back to 2003.

Watch: Blink 182 – Feeling This

(Via CoS)

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