Blood On The Dance Floor Break Up?

And zero fucks are given? Lol. But srsly. It seems as though AJ Maddah’s mates from Blood On The Dance Floor have thrown in their collection of delicate neck scarves a matter of hours before their new single was due for release.

Whilst it hasn’t been confirmed, social media is blowing up with news of the split. “N00 u t0tz cant do dis 2 meeee guize wtffff” the fans will cry, but it would appear cracks have been showing for some time now. Maddah even referred to a member leaving the band after it was announced they would not be coming down to Australia for Soundwave.

It seems crazy that a band as talented as BOTDF with a future career that looked so bright would quit like this, but from what we can see, one of them probably used up all of the other ones purple glittery face paint so he had a tanty and quit in the spur of the moment with enough time to tweet it, but then saner heads prevailed. Or something.

Apparently it was member Jayy Von Monroe who left. Sounds like a brand of toaster but, hey, I’m just some guy with no toaster.

More news and confirmation when it happens.


Blood On The Dance Floor cohort Drew Apathy (who apparently works in BOTDF admin, whatever that means) has tweeted that he believes the band has not broken up and that the band’s fans should wait for confirmation from the band members themselves before going full meltdown. We suspect that confirmation either way may never come.

UPDATE: 20/02/13

The band have now explicitly stated they are not breaking up, posting a statement to fans on their Facebook page. It was fun while it lasted, eh? The full statement is below.

I would like to make a lovely reminder that sometimes the internet is filled with rubbish, pollution, and bullshit. No! We did not break up nor do we have any future plans of splitting. In fact me and Jayy are happily together as blood brothers creating a new album as we speak called “Bad Blood!” Again these rumors are spread by fools and accepted by idiots. Unless we post it publicly on our official social networking sites it’s 100% FALSE. And BTW we just released a Brand Spanking New Single Called “I REFUSED TO SINK!” (FUCK THE FAME) SOOOO why would we break up when a new single has just been released??? Haters do this to get your attention. Do not empower them or give them power over you. You are better than that! I believe in you. ♥

-Dahvie muddah fuckin’ Vanity”

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