Bob Dylan Breaks Public Silence On His Nobel Prize

Bob Dylan made history earlier this October when he became the first ever musician to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, and now Dylan has finally broken his long public silence since the announcement.

Dylan told The Telegraph that he’s “absolutely” planning to turn up at the ceremony, “if that’s at all possible.”

After the announcement, the Nobel Prize committee attempted to get in contact with Dylan via a series of emails and calls over a period of weeks, but eventually gave up – conceding that they couldn’t be sure that he’d even turn up to the award ceremony.

When asked why he didn’t respond to the calls from the committee, Dylan gave a coy response, “well, I’m right here.”

He admitted that he was completely shocked to have received the award in the first place, conceding that it was “hard to believe” that he was chosen.

“Whoever dreams about something like that?” he said.

Watch: The Nobel Prize Committee On Why Bob Dylan Won

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