Ice T’s Body Count Are Touring Australia For The First Time In Two Decades

There goes the neighbourhood! LA rap-metal legends Body Count will be ~talking shit~ down under for the first time in 22 years.

The ‘Cop Killer’ composers have got a trio of dates bookmarked on juggernaut promoter TEG Dainty‘s official waitlist (dates below), with The Daily Telegraph reporting that the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne shows will take place across the first weekend of June.

The landmark tour comes in celebration of the Ice-T fronted act’s brand new album Bloodlust, which is due out today, and will mark Body Count’s first trip to our shores since 1995’s one-off Alternative Nation festival, before the deaths of fellow OG members D-Roc, Beatmaster V and Mooseman.

A quarter-century after the group’s hugely controversial and politically turbo-charged debut LP, Body Count have returned with a new album that cuts right to the bone of the socio-cultural shitstorm sweeping modern America.

Speaking with News Corp, Ice says he felt compelled to document the state of his nation last year as the Black Lives Matter movement protested the killing of black people by police officers, and the US Presidential elections divided voters by inciting fear and “sexism, racism, all the isms”:

“Well, you know, we went through a long, delusional period, no one was singing about it, no one cared. I don’t blame it on Barack Obama but I think his presidency was so smooth and easy, we would have been at world war and it would have been ‘OK, everything is cool’. He had everyone mellow. All you heard in rap was ‘Let’s pop some bottles’.

“Then here comes Trump and he’s scared the shit out of everyone, he’s got the KKK marching again, he’s got women’s groups mad, he’s got everyone mad, and during that election we wrote this record.

“I started to think this motherfucker might start a civil war, all these things could happen. You might notice on the record we never mention him by name; I didn’t think he was going to be President.”

Catch Body Count’s 2017 Australian tour dates below. We’ll bring you more details on ticket sale dates as soon as they get announced.

Body Count 2017 ‘Bloodlust’ Australian Tour

Tickets on sale now

Thursday, 1st June

The Tivoli, Brisbane

Tickets: Ticketmaster

Friday, 2nd June

Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne

Tickets: Ticketek

Saturday, 3rd June

Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Tickets: Ticketek

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