Body Meat is all set to release their debut album ‘Starchris’ on Friday, 23rd August by Partisan.
Image by Conor MacCormack

Body Meat Announces Debut Album ‘Starchris’

Body Meat is all set to release their debut album ‘Starchris’ on Friday, 23rd August by Partisan. “Body Meat” is the solo project of a Philadelphia-based producer, named Chris Taylor. 

The lead single of the album ‘Starchris’ is titled “High Beams”. The song tells the story of a first-level boss fight with a programmer. The song also comes with an accompanying music video. 

“High Beams”- Body Meat

“‘High Beams’ is about a programmer anxiously creating a game from within a cave,” says Taylor, explaining the song. “He codes all of the functionality, the rules, and physics, every parameter to his liking. He then tries to instantiate himself into this world as a copy. But an oversight within his sloppy code work creates a bug within it. His instantiated copy is unable to be removed and begins hunting him. The programmer, terrified, tries to destroy the copy of himself. Nothing he does can stop the copy from moving towards him. He starts to realize he has done this before. The copy remembers him and knows that he has to warn the programmer. The programmer is cursed to write this code over and over again. Only the bugged copy can break the cycle.”

It’s Body Meat’s first full-length album, however, he has released several EPs, singles, and records since his debut in 2016, and has also won certain awards. 

You can pre-order the album “Starchris” from here.

The tracklist of the album ‘Starchris’:

  1. North Side
  2. High Beams
  3. Crystalize
  4. The Mad Hatter
  5. Focus
  6. Right Here
  7. Starchris
  8. Demons
  9. Im in Pieces
  10. Ōbu No Seirei (Spirit of an Orb)
  11. 01 A Tone in the Dark
  12. Paradise
  13. Electrische

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