Bombay Bicycle Club Release Details Of New Album ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’

Prolific London four-piece Bombay Bicycle Club have unveiled the details of their highly anticipated fourth album So Long, See You Tomorrow, releasing the tracklisting and artwork, following the release of the album’s first single, Carry Me, and the accompanying interactive music video.

The album’s artwork, as with the video for Carry Me, was inspired by the work of groundbreaking 19th century photographer Eadweard Muybridge, whose zoopraxiscope pioneered the technique of stop-motion photography, a guiding force for the uncanny, jolting motions of the Carry Me clip.

So Long, See You Tomorrow is slated for a February 7th 2014 release. “I feel like we’ve found the balance between making it interesting and intelligent, but also not highbrow or elitist,” said lead vocalist Jack Steadman, who wrote the record during travels through India, Turkey and Tokyo.

Produced by Jack in the band’s London studio, So Long, See You Tomorrow is the band’s most personal record to date. “Jack’s not afraid of us saying a part or lyric doesn’t work so we were able to all be very involved at every level,” said guitarist Jamie MacColl.

The new album is also the group’s most anthemic yet and continues the band’s experimental efforts, containing “ethereal loops, offbeat rhythms, shimmering keys, Dutch techno blips, soaring strings and even Bollywood movie samples,” making it a defining record for this young band.

Watch: Bombay Bicycle Club – Carry Me

So Long Cover Hi-Res

Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow Tracklisting

1. Overdone

2. It’s Alright Now

3. Carry Me

4. Home By Now

5. Whenever Wherever

6. Luna

7. Eyes Off You

8. Feel

9. Come To

10. So Long, See You Tomorrow

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