Boris release live DVD

If you weren’t lucky enough to catch Japanese stoner/metal/noise behemoths Boris when they were out here earlier this year as part of the Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson curated Vivid Festival here’s some good news, the band have just announced they will be releasing a live DVD titled, Live In Japan. With the band famous for shows of ridiculously high volume and intensity, the release of the DVD comes as great news to those of us who’d love to see the band again, but fear any further loss of hearing, as well as those who have yet to be lucky enough to experience their sonic awesomeness.

Out now on Southern Lord, the DVD features performances from 2008 from the band’s homeland.

Here’s the tracklist.

Live in Japan:

01 Flower Sun Rain


03 Laser Beam


05 Statement

06 Floor Shaker

07 Rainbow

08 My Neighbor Satan

09 No Ones Grieve

10 You Were Holding an Umbrella

11. “   ”

12 Tokyo Wonder Land *

13 a bao a qu *

14 Farewell .00 *

* bonus track

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