Bow Wow Living In The Red Following Lawsuits

The lavish lifestyle of Bow Wow is so highly represented that it’s hard to even mentally picture the dude without tonnes of bling, a few European sports cars and solid gold chandeliers, but after a string of recent legal troubles, it’s starting to look like all that glitters really isn’t gold.

Bow Wow’s alleged financial troubles came to the public light back in 2009, after bosses of a car leasing company took the young rapper to court after payments on a 2005 Ferrari F430, rented in 08, had stopped flowing. Bow Wow was ordered to pay a previously undisclosed amount, which he never paid. The whole thing has come to a head once more, with the 25-year-old now owing a crazy $283,785 after a few years sitting on interest, [that’s more than the car’s actual worth].

Bow Wow has been once again ordered to pay the full amount, or else. This has come only a matter of days ofter a court ordered that he pay $3,000 a month in child support to his ex-partner Joie Chavis for their daughter Shai.

According to Contact Music, during the court hearing, the rapper explained that he was only raking in a pretty lousy $4,000 a month from his deal with Cash Money Records and at that point in time, only had around $1500 in his bank account.

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