Boy George Hangs Up On ABC Radio Journo Who Asked About Impact Of ‘Gender-Bending’ On Kids

Boy George has cut short an interview with Australian journalist Fran Kelly on ABC Radio National, after being asked whether his “gender-bending” affected children in the 1980s.

Speaking with Kelly this morning ahead of his upcoming Australian tour with Culture Club, Boy George spoke at length about his career before Kelly questioned him about his “look” in the ’80s, claiming that he was a “sensation” because of “your makeup, your clothes, your outrageousness”.

“I don’t remember if you were openly gay back then but, like David Bowie before you, you were certainly celebrated for being ‘gender-bending’. You were a ‘gender bender’,” she said.

In response, George said, “You keep referring to me in past context and we’re actually talking in real time.”

“Yes,” Kelly replied, “But maybe now times have moved on and the gender bending is not such a surprise, but back then it was. Were you aware of the impact of that on kids?”

George paused briefly before saying, “You’re boring me, goodbye,” and hanging up the phone. Listen to the full (if brief) interview, below.

Kelly continued her show following the hangup, with some listeners defending her on Twitter.

But Boy George wasn’t having it…

And neither were his supporters:

Boy George will tour Australia with the Culture Club later this month, as part of the band’s third Aussie tour in 18 months.

UPDATE: Boy George has responded to Music Feeds‘ story on Twitter, saying, “Sometimes it feels like a person has a rigid script and a view of you that is fixed. It was zero to do with the questions. Maybe next time we will meet in person. Maybe not. It was a moment. It’s over. Peace!”

Listen: Boy George Speaks With Fran Kelly On ABC Radio National (13.11.17)

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