Bring Me The Horizon Want To Go “Weirder” & “Dancier” On Their Next Album

They may have only just wrapped up an Australian tour for their 2015 album That’s The Spirit (albeit prematurely, after cancelling shows in Melbourne and Adelaide), but Bring Me The Horizon have already got their sights locked on album number six.

The metalcore giants-turned-stadium rockers are coming back down under in February of 2017 to perform a handful of shows that had to be rescheduled after frontman Oli Sykes fell ill during their September visit, but once that’s all zipped up the lads will be turning their attention to their next record, and from the sounds of things, it’s going to be yet another curveball.

After the stylistic about-face that was That’s The Spirit, BMTH are determined to keep pushing boundaries.

Speaking with NME, Sykes reveals that the band are hoping to head in a bit of a “weirder” direction with their next record.

“I think there’s an element of what we’re doing now that will stay in the music,” Sykes says. “People thought That’s The Spirit was a very polished pop rock album — it’s not. I think it’s inventive and unique, but it’s still safe in a way; we knew the songs we’re gonna connect well with people. Next time I think we wanna push it a bit weirder.”

Name-checking Linkin Park, The Prodigy and Massive Attack as influences, Sykes goes on to discuss the potential for Bring Me’s new material to pack “a darker dance-y kind of sound” that would translate well live, particularly on the festival circuit.

“That’s my favourite part – it’s something we do that comes across really well live you know when the song to us has a breakdown or like a heavy dance kind of vibe to it,” he says. “You know there’s not many acts like that. If there was some bridge between what we’re doing, somewhere between artists like Prodigy or Massive Attack and stuff like that.”

But Sykes has also issued a cheeky disclaimer: “I’m literally just, I’m thinking out loud here. ‘Cause we could go completely opposite to that, you know.”

According to Sykes, BMTH will most likely start work on album number six next year, after their current touring commitments have wrapped up.

“We do an album, then tour the shit out of it and then worry about new music,” he says. “It’s been an intense year for us, and not just in professional terms but like personal too. Some of the band have had a lot on their plates and stuff. We do enjoy writing organically and letting something happen, but we’ve been working pretty relentlessly like the last album.

“We need to maybe like take a break… people have got families and stuff, we need to take a bit of time to like chill out and then really get hungry to write again. It’s gonna be a tough one because we never want to write the same album again. I don’t even know what it’s gonna sound like but it’s gonna sound different.

Bring Me The Horizon will release their long-awaited Live At The Royal Albert Hall concert DVD on Friday, 2nd December, with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust, and they’ve just dropped another spectacular new clip from the disc in the form of their That’s The Spirit cut Doomed.

Watch the clip below, and catch Bring Me The Horizon performing their rescheduled Aussie tour dates in Melbourne and Adelaide next year.

Watch: Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Doomed’ Live @ The Royal Albert Hall 2016

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