Brisbane Metalcore Band To Feature On Spanish Metal-Themed Video Game

Brisbane metalcore outfit A Breach Of Silence are set to feature on the soundtrack for a heavy-metal-themed video game that’s been developed in Spain.

The slightly weird, but undeniably cool new game is called Metal Tales: Fury Of The Guitar Godswill be released in Steam for PC this Friday, 18th November, and will feature music by the Brissy five-piece among a host of other metal acts.

The game summary on developer Nuberugames‘ website reads like a metal-head/gamer’s dream, promising a game where you basically run around shooting people with flaming riffs that come out of the end of your guitar, like a gun – in an RPG style of game.

“Each end level boss will be a guitar player from a different style, from classic Heavy Metal to Brutal Death,” says the summary. “Different bands from the Spanish and international underground scene are in talks to be featured as these bosses.”

“The range of enemies varies from a young kid that just started listening to Iron Maiden to Black Metallers in full on corpsepaint. And don’t forget the flying beers! The game’s hero will travel to different venues, from a busted metal bar to an open air metal fest.”

Holy crap, count us in.

Check out the trailer for the game, below.

Watch: Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods – Reveal Trailer

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