Bryan Adams Knows He Has To Be Better Than Meat Loaf At AFL Grand Final

Bryan Adams has had no shortage of advice on how to approach his upcoming performance at the 2015 AFL Grand Final, even being warned by one fan that he’d better give a better performance the Meat Loaf‘s famously lacklustre one in 2011.

“When I came in this morning on the plane, a guy said to me he hoped I’d be better than Meat Loaf, so I’ve got big boots to fill,” he said as part of a media event at the MCG on Thursday, reports Fairfax.

Joined by fellow Grand Final performer Ellie Goulding, and AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan, Adams was full of jokes, namely at Meatloaf’s expense. “I wasn’t here but [heard] something about him being s**t or something?” he quipped as McLachlan laughed on.

Meatloaf, who was paid $600,000 for his performance at the 2011 final, was slammed for his apparently woeful performance at the event. Later hitting back at the AFL and calling them the cheapest people in the world, the ridicule seems to show no signs of stopping years later.

Maybe McLachlan ought not to laugh too hard too fast though, as the choice of Adams and Goulding alongside Chris Isaak as entertainment over Aussie artists outraged many.

Still it was all laughs and smiles at the press event, Goulding joking about her lack of AFL knowledge being made up for by her interest in other areas. “I’ve been panicking for the past few hours because I’ve never watched it before but I’m excited to learn about it,” she said.

“I’ve heard that it’s tight shorts which is exciting, and they’ve got the guns out, their arms out, so I’m looking forward to that.”

Things got particularly sad though when the artist started pretending they were AFL fans, with Adams supposedly barracking for Hawthorn after seeing them play last year.

“I’ve been to see a match years ago in Adelaide, and it was good because I really brushed up on my swearing,” he said.

Goulding however was, reportedly, taking all her cues from McLachlan, barely containing her enthusiasm as she mentioned that “apparently I’m a passionate West Coast supporter.”

McLachlan wasn’t about to let that comment fall flat though, chiming in with the approved backstory that “Ellie’s had some great times in Perth over the years, and she’s got a soft spot for the Eagles”.

No news yet on who Chris Isaak will be supporting, although rumours are circulating that he is excited for a Wicked Game.

If you need a refresher, relive Meat Loaf’s 2011 AFL Grand Final spectacular here, below.

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