Watch Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq and Gordi Play Basketball In Video For ‘Extraordinary Life’ Remix

Tomorrow, Gordi will drop a new EP that features various iterations of her Our Two Skins favourite ‘Extraordinary Life’. Alongside a demo, a live version from the Sydney Opera House and a remix by Alex Somers, there’s a remix by none other than Georgia Maq of Camp Cope.

Maq’s remix transforms the ethereal slow-burner into a breezy, buoyant pop gem that features her singing above a bed of soft synths and thumping percussion. Maq handled all aspects of the remix, including production, engineering and mixing.

To coincide with the remix, the pair have dropped a very fun accompanying music video. It sees them playing a game of socially-distanced basketball while in lockdown in Melbourne, using their one hour of permitted exercise a day to shoot some hoops.

Gordi’s Our Two Skins arrived back in June of this year, following up 2017 album Reservoir. In our interview with the singer-songwriter, she explained that ‘Everyday Life’ is “kind of like a little breath that starts the next side of the record and on the B side of the record, it’s not as tormented.”

“‘Extraordinary Life’ is really the moment on the record of nothing else matters and you’re in this new relationship. You’ve found this person who completes your life in a way you didn’t think was possible. I was trying to articulate that in a song that’s really just totally pure joy and elation rather than mixed up in all of that anxiety that the rest of the record really.”

Watch the video for Maq’s ‘Extraordinary Life’ remix below.

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