You Can Buy A Lock Of David Bowie’s Hair If You Have A Few Thousand Dollars To Spare

A lock of David Bowie‘s hair is set to be auctioned off this week in the US.

The lock of hair was kept by Wendy Farrier, who took a snippet back in 1983 when he posed for his waxwork at Madame Tussauds in London.

Farrier didn’t just manage to randomly take scissors to Bowie’s hair. She was using it for the waxwork wig but has kept it ever since. 33 years later, it’s estimated to sell for around $6,000.

According to Margaret Barrett of Heritage Auctions in Los Angeles (via NME) they, “have sold a lot of celebrity hair in the past, but never any of David Bowie’s.”

“This is pretty unique. It is difficult to predict how much it will go for, but we recently sold some of John Lennon’s hair, which was snipped from his head by his barber, for a huge sum,” she said.

His hair isn’t the only thing being sold at the auction. They’re also selling a signed copy of Hunky Dory, a signed drawing from 1996, a gold disc of Bowie’s Let’s Dance album and more.

The auction is due to take place on 25th June.

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