Canberra’s Folk Festival At Risk Of Being Canned

Canberra’s National Folk Festival is seeing record attendance numbers this Easter, however, the festival may not continue in the future if they do not obtain sufficient funding. The Canberra Times reports that high licensing costs and overregulation has forced the organisers to seek government assistance.

“We’re trying to budget in a way that means we don’t have to be insecure and fly by our shirt tails,” festival organiser Sebastian Flynn said.

The festival, which is held at Exhibition Park, will be attended by around 50,000 people this year, and along with performances, features workshops with some of the headlining musicians including former George singer, Katie Noonan.

Despite the financial troubles the festival now faces, Flynn was still upbeat about how things are going this year:

“All the venues are really pumping and my sense is that we’ve got a considerably bigger year than last year,” he said

The National Folk Festival winds up tomorrow with discount tickets still available at the gate in the morning.

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