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Carriageworks Propose Plans For New Live Music Venue Outside Sydney’s Lockout Zone

In what might be the best news for Sydney’s music scene since the imposition of the much hated Lockout Laws, Redfern contemporary multi-arts centre Carriageworks has just announced plans to add a live music venue to their existing buildings by 2021.

This would also mean Sydney would have a new place to party outside the lockout zone.

Planned to be able to host multiple music festivals, according to Fairfax a report on the centre’s Six Year Strategy (2016-2021) proposes to add a 5000 seat live music venue. That’s not all though, with a 200 seat cinema, a public exhibition space and new bars and restaurants also planned.

Reportedly coming with a price tag of around $50-$60 million, the centre’s director Lisa Havilah is expected to seek government funding. Recieving $3.8 million in state and federal funding this year and earning $6.8 million from programs and events, the additions are hoped to attract and extra two million visitors and $15 million annually.

The report also lays out the centre’s programming strategy, Carriageworks aiming to hold some major music festivals, high profile musicians and Asian pop music.

“We’re not adding more buildings,” Havilah made clear of the proposed redevelopment. “It’s all within the existing envelope of Carriageworks.”

The full report will be released next month.

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