Chance The Rapper Has Recorded “Amazing” New Songs With Childish Gambino

Remember that collaborative project that both Chance The Rapper and Childish Gambino AKA. Donald Glover have been talking about for nearly four years?

Well, if you do you’ll probably be well aware that it hasn’t happened yet. Get ready to fire up the rumour mill once again though because Chance has revealed they did finally get back in the studio together.

Last we heard about the project, Gambino said that it will “probably” happen but Chance has now admitted that they were allowing the rumour grow bigger.

During Pitchfork‘s conversation series in Chicago this week Chance was asked once again about the collaborative project and said, “We perpetuated that rumor for a long time without recording anything.”

Here’s the good news though. He continued, “We did link up in Atlanta and record some tracks and…they’re amazing.”

“Amazing,” is enough for us to know that we need the songs right now but unfortunately Chance didn’t offer any indication of when to expect them. We know that Gambino is working on his final project under that name so maybe they will appear there.

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