Chance The Rapper Says He’s Got New Music With Childish Gambino, Young Thug And More

Chance The Rapper has revealed that he’s got a number of big collaborations in the pipeline.

Speaking with Beats 1 he was asked whether he’s working on a new record and he replied, “I never really have like a big, drawn-out plan for how shit was gonna go.”

“I’m more in like a collaborative frame of mind. So I’ve been talking to this artist Francis and the Lights, we working on something. Me and Thug been, you know, making songs forever, we got so many songs, so we’ve been talking about dropping something together. Same with Donald Glover, Childish Gambino… I got a lot of people, I’ve just been making songs.”

Chance has a history with all three artists mentioned. Francis And The Lights featured on ‘Same Drugs’ off his last mixtape Coloring Book and the pair are frequent collaborators. Thug also collaborated with Chance on his last record.

The Childish Gambino collaborative project has long been teased. The pair have gone back and forth with bit of information for years. Before this, the last update we got was from Chance who called the new songs “amazing” and said that they linked up in a studio in Atlanta recently.

If anything, this latest interview shows that the collab is still at the forefront of his mind which can only be a good thing.

It’s now been two years since the release of Chance’s Coloring Book and while it doesn’t sound like the follow-up is coming anytime soon, he’s got plenty going on right now.

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