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Channel 7 Reporter Suspended Over Adele Interview Disaster

Note to all aspiring music journalists out there; when you interview an artist, make sure you listen to their album and ask questions about the songs.

If the company that you work for has paid $1 million for the rights to the interview, it’s probably even more important to be prepared.

Unfortunately, Sunrise host Matt Doran seems to have missed this most basic of memos, and got himself suspended for two weeks from Channel 7 this week, after he told Adele in a special interview that he hadn’t listened to her latest record, 30.

The reporter flew to London earlier this month to interview the singer for Weekend Sunrise, and reportdely failed to ask her a single question about the record she was promoting.

According to reports, when Adele asked Doran, “What do you think of my album?” he replied: “I haven’t listened to it.”

Adele reportedly then walked out of the interview, with conflicting accounts of whever or not the interview had ended.

The chat was being recorded to feature as part of Channel 7’s Adele feature package, that also includes her One Night Only concert and an Oprah Winfrey interview.

Sony, Adele’s label, reportedly denied 7 the rights to air what was sure to be a very interesting interview.

Doran returns to Weekend Sunrise this week after his two weeks in the sin bin.

To not listen to the record before the interview is one thing. When it’s Adele we’re talking about, with the biggest release of the year, it’s another.

But to tell her that you haven’t listened to the record? Give the man some credit for having the stones to do so!

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