Charli XCX Announces ‘Alone Together’, A Doco Based On Her Quarantine Album

Charli XCX has announced Alone Together. It’s a new documentary that takes a look at the recording of Charli’s quarantine album, how i’m feeling now.

Alone Together is all set to premiere at SXSW’s Film Festival next month on Thursday, 18th March.

“The documentary tells the story of not only the 5 week process surrounding the making of my album, ‘how i’m feeling now,'” said Charli XCX announcing the news.

“But also all the emotions that creating, connecting and living in a quarantine and in basically a new world evokes for people across the globe.”

The new doco will be directed by director duo, Bradley & Pablo.

Announcing the new collaboration with Charli XCX, the duo wrote, “The project was a shining light in a dark time.”

“It brought together a community and offered hope to a lot of people. We decided to document this process from afar and what grew out of it was more beautiful, human and life affirming than we had ever expected.”

Charli XCX’s Alone Together will premiere on Thursday, 18th March at the SXSW Film Festival. There’s no word yet on an official release date.

The pop star recently shared a heartfelt tribute to SOPHIE, after she passed away.

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