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Chet Faker Announces First Album In Seven Years, ‘Hotel Surrender’

It’s been seven years since Nick Murphy released an album under the moniker of Chet Faker, but now he’s ready to finally follow it up with his second full-length album, Hotel Surrender.

Hotel Surrender, which is due out Friday, 16th July, marks Faker’s first album since 2014’s Built On Glass, which spawned the mega hits ‘Talk Is Cheap’, ‘1998’ and ‘Gold’.

“There were a lot of heavy perspective shifters for me,” Faker said in a press statement.

““I really just thought of the music in a different light. I look at it as a mass therapy now. I think I used to see it as this plight, like I was on a crusade or this creative odyssey. Now I see that it’s more Shamanistic.

“You’ve got to find some light—or sometimes dark, whatever’s right—and share it. I realised that was the heart of the Chet Faker project. And I felt like the world was hurting, so I thought, ‘I can do a small something to give people some joy’.”

With the album announcement, Faker has also dropped its latest single, ‘Whatever Tomorrow’. The song is the third we’ve heard from Faker since Murphy revived the project, following ‘Low’ and ‘Get High’.

“It’s a rebellion to this idea that you have to wait for the things you need,” Faker said of the song.

“It felt like we were being sold tomorrow and we were paying for today. I was saying, ‘Fuck your tomorrow, we deserve our lives now’.”

Hotel Surrender is due out Friday, 16th July. Listen to ‘Whatever Tomorrow’, and view the Hotel Surrender album art and tracklist, below.

Hotel Surrender album artwork:

Hotel Surrender tracklist:

1. Oh Me Oh My

2. Low

3. Get High

4. Whatever Tomorrow

5. It S Not You

6. Peace of Mind

7. Feel Good

8. Stupid

9. So Long So Lonely

10. In Too Far

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