Childish Gambino Kicks Off His Pharos Festival In New Zealand, Soz Australia

In news that arrives on an ocean of tears cried by broken-hearted Aussie Childish Gambino fans, the rapper has kicked off his Pharos Festival in New Zealand, and the overwhelming consensus seems to be that it was GOOD:

Yep, that’s some salt in the wounds right there.

Gambino of course was forced to pull the plug on his Spilt Milk headlining slot (and entire Australian tour) due to a foot injury he suffered at a concert in Dallas last month.

And while his three-night debut Pharos Festival run in NZ was initially in jeopardy as well, the rapper ultimately decided to go ahead with it.

Sadly, we don’t have any footage of the performances because using phones inside the Pharos Dome was reportedly frowned upon.

During his downtime in NZ, Gambino AKA Donald Glover has been immersing himself in the local culture, wearing a feathered cloak called the kahu huruhuru and meeting with local Iwi representatives to sign a painting of himself.

The second instalment of his fest will go down tonight in the Tapapakanga Regional Park, with Gambino and his “special guests” perform inside a large dome while a “virtual world” is projected on the inside wall of the structure. Catch the festival dates and ticket details, below.


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