Chiodos Documentary In The Works

The last few years have been a turbulant time for post-hardcore icons Chiodos. Details on the inner workings of the band and their movements were scarce but it now appears the group is willing to let it all out in an upcoming documentary.

Chiodos’ recently returned frontman Craig Owens recently revealed on Twitter, “About to shoot my interview for the new @chiodos documentary.” So while things might only be in the beta stages, it’s still exciting stuff. Owens left the band in 2009 amid plenty of drama. He was replaced by Yesterdays Rising vocalist Brandon Bolmer who lasted for only 1 album, Illuminaudio, before tapping out along with long-term drummer Tanner Wayne. Owens once again stepped up to the plate once Bolmer left.

In the interim, Owens fronted D.R.U.G.S, which ended in ruins (as drugs so often do), so this is sure to be a fairly interesting documentary for fans to sink their teeth into.

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