Chris Brown Says If We Let Him Come To Australia, He’ll Help Raise Awareness About Domestic Violence

Chris Brown is trying his best to convince the Australian government that he’s one of the good guys, after they formally moved to bar him from entering the country, based on his prior domestic assault convictions.

After first calling his visa denial “all media and bullshit” and accusing politicians of turning him into a pariah at a time when the issue of domestic violence is a hot-topic here in Australia, Brown has now changed his tack, using logic to try to out-politics them. Observe:

In 2009, Brown was sentenced to nine months probation for punching then-girlfriend Rihanna with a closed fist, dragging her out of a car and threatening to kill her.

But he’s not a pink elephant anymore, you guys. He’s seen the error of his ways. And who better than to educate the youth of today about the horrors of DV than one of its reformed perpetrators?

It’s a savvy if not slightly desperate tactic, possibly the brainchild of Breezy’s recently-hired Australian legal team.

But similar sentiments have been echoed by Former Maori Party leader Dame Tariana Turia in New Zealand. She believes that Kiwis should consider letting Brown in to their country because he could legitimately help reduce domestic violence there.

“We may not like [Brown’s] behaviour at the time [when he punched Rihanna] but I firmly believe he can get through to people who we would normally not get through to in the course of all the money we are spending and the programs we have got,” she said.

“If Chris Brown was willing to come, willing to share some of his time with our young, I am sure would love to spend time with him, I can only think of the benefit to them rather than focus on what he did in his past.”

Either way, it seems like the R&B singer is pretty desperate to come to Australia, and fulfil his pledge to Aussie fans to “party” this December.

And despite the Government’s intent to block his visa, tickets to Breezy’s scheduled One Hell Of A Nite dates have already gone on sale.

We should have a decision on whether the Aus Government will follow through on its intent to deny him a Visa by the end of October.

Meanwhile, as Pedestrian TV points out, a powerful and confronting new Australian domestic violence ad has just been released, which compares the permanence of DV to tattoos.

Check it out below.

UPDATE 02/12/15: Just a week before it was scheduled to kick off, Chris Brown’s Australian and New Zealand tour has been officially cancelled.

For those needing assistance, 1800 Respect – the National Sexual Assault Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service – can be reached on 1800 737 732

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