Colbert Explains Story Behind Daft Punkgate: No Conspiracy Here, Folks

After all the fuss following Daft Punk’s The Colbert Report last-minute cancellation, host Stephen Colbert has addressed the topic during a recent podcast with comedian Paul Mecurio (no, not that guy, the other guy) explaining that this wasn’t a conspiracy at the hands of the music illuminati, but rather an unfortunate tale of red tape.

The drama started when network execs nixed a scheduled cameo from the French robots in order to retain a level of exclusivity for their ‘secret’ appearance at the upcoming MTV VMA ceremony. Red flags started to appear when Robin Thicke, who is also locked in for the VMAs, ended up submitting a performance of his track Blurred Lines.

Colbert says in the interview that Daft Punk were never going to perform on the show, nor be interviewed, but simply make an appearance, probably during a skit. When the duo cancelled, Colbert unleashed an 8-minute tirade against MTV which, dare we say, was far more entertaining than another listen Get Lucky. However, post-filming Colbert has explained that he wasn’t annoyed at the news, but rather his character had to be.

So the cancellation really did come last-minute, it seems, and this was no stunt used to boost the publicity surrounding the band’s VMA connections. You can listen to the full interview below.

(Via Stereogum)

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