Cop’s Disability Fraud Caught After He Went On Tour With Metal Band

Until recently, Christopher Inserra was a Port Authority cop receiving disability benefits for an ailing arm, collecting more than $30,000 after injuring the limb at the World Trade Centre in 2010. However, the pain didn’t seem to keep him from trashing around on stage with his metal band.

As the New York Daily News reports, the 32-year-old Inserra pleaded guilty to mail fraud on Tuesday, and is facing up to 14 months in prison when he’s sentenced. Inserra’s fraud was uncovered after footage of him fronting the metal outfit Cousin Sleaze was spread over YouTube.

Inserra resigned from the force on Monday as part of a plea deal with federal prosecutors in which he’s facing charges of mail fraud. The frontman of the Brooklyn metal group told Judge Leo Glasser that he’d injured his arm at the WTC in June 2010, but had sufficiently recovered by December.

But instead of returning to full duty, Inserra embarked on the Miles of Mayhem Tour with his band. The Daily News writes that Inserra stayed on disability for two years, lying to PA doctors, and filing two fraudulent claims with the AFLAC insurance company citing a lack of mobility in his right arm.

Inserra claimed that on a pain scale of 1 to 10, his arm was an eight. An estimate contradicted after footage of the Miles of Mayhem Tour made its way to YouTube, which depicted Inserra violently flailing his right arm on stage. Investigators also recorded him performing in Brooklyn venues.

Inserra will be forced to pay US$30,466 in forfeiture to the government. The disgraced ex-cop was scheduled to go on trial this month and would have faced a more severe jail sentence if he was convicted by a jury. The Cousin Sleaze frontman currently remains free to rock on US$25,000 bail.

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